Megan Grant

Megan is a writer and the owner of Revenue Spark Digital Marketing. She partners with brands to create high-quality content for their blogs that improves site traffic and boosts Google rankings. She also teaches freelancers how to make money writing.

6 Things to Look for in a Client

  • Freelance, Clients,
  • As a freelancer, you get to choose who you work with. Choose wisely.

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    What Makes a Good Freelance Writing Niche?

  • Freelance, Writing, Niche,
  • Let’s talk about picking a good freelance writing niche — why you need one and what to look for.

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    What is Content Marketing?

  • Content Marketing, featured,
  • Learn all about what content marketing is and get actionable steps you can follow to start doing it for your brand.

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    How to Use Cold Emailing to Land New Clients: 8 Tips for Success

  • Freelance, Rates, Cold Emailing,
  • Being a freelancer means knowing how to land new clients and grow your business. Here's eight expert tips for succeeding with cold emailing.

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    How to Set Your Freelance Rates: The Ultimate Guide

  • Freelance, Rates,
  • Learn how to forecast a client's workload so that you'll get paid what you deserve. This complete guide on how to set your freelance rates will teach you how.

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